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I've been looking over your editing work, and wow, you are super thorough. I could never do what you do. I haven't read everything, but your additions to the overall mystery are incredibly good. You have made the storyline so much better. I just wanted to thank you in advance for the hard work you've put into my manuscript.

Annette O'Hare

Author, Puppy Ciao - Recently won the Bronze Moonbeam Award (2020)

I feel I've learned so much from this process. I even started recognizing [edits] on my own! ... In addition, I want to share my appreciation for Bobbie, who helped me tremendously by explaining her suggestions throughout the editing process. She has been wonderful.

Debbie Burton
Author, Return to Blueberry Street (2020)

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workshops, and intensives taught by art directors, authors, art agents, and illustrators working for major publishing houses. I stay informed about topics in the book and magazine publishing industry. I applaud racial and nationality diversity (i.e., biracial, multiracial, Jewish, Asian, African-American) in Christian books and apply biracial to AFAM sensitivity to editing. I am also a master of doctrinal editing and exposition. I currently freelance all editing phases with a Christian book publisher and will launch my own house soon.


have nearly a decade of publishing, writing, editing, and graphic design experience. I am a freelance artist sharpened by critiques,

5 Star Reviews

5 Star Reviews